The smarter and simpler command center for your applications

Fuse Panel monitors your apps in near real-time, offers insights in your logs and enables analyzing and troubleshooting issues.

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Discover Passenger's features and use them to optimize your app's stability and performance to the fullest, without having to read the manual.

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Inspect Passenger configuration, find out why Passenger behaves in a certain way, and ensure that your configuration is free of issues.

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Utilize log viewing and log splitting to inspect logs on a per-app basis. Monitor and inspect application behavior without opening tons of terminals with `tail -f`.

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Our story and vision

Our story and vision

Over the years we have seen hundreds of thousands of you build amazing apps and companies. We have heard you say that Passenger "just works", which means it is time to move on to new challenges. Learn why Fuse Panel exists and and how we intend to help you. Read on!

Free to all during the beta

Regardless of if you’re running Passenger open source or you’re one of our enterprise customers, the Fuse Panel is available for free while in beta.

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The future is yours

Getting that visual feedback that your apps are running and that Passenger does all the things it's supposed to do is very reassuring!

— Matt, beta test panel