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Passenger® Support

Whether you need help right now or are interested in signing up for ongoing premium support, Phusion provides a variety of options for both Passenger Enterprise and Open Source users.

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Quickly resolve issues in the way that works best for you

  • Enterprise support

    Get a quick response on a specific issue by logging into your account and filing a support ticket.

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  • Passenger Library

    Search comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and more.

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  • Stack Overflow

    Post questions on Stack Overflow and get responses from a community composed of thousands of software developers and DevOps experts.

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Get Ongoing Support

Sign up for 24/7 availability and guaranteed response times from our engineering team

Our premium support plans give you the assurance that any unexpected crashes, bugs, or errors will be quickly resolved with guaranteed response times from Phusion’s engineering team — as soon as within the hour, any time of day, depending on the plan you choose.

We’re available via phone, email, and instant message for premium support customers!

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