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Ease of configuration

Our customers say that we’re the easiest app server to configure, deploy, and run. One reason why: Passenger installs along with your choice of Apache or NGINX.

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Multiple Languages

We work in multiple languages, and we know you probably do too. To make things simpler, Passenger runs Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Meteor apps.

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Dedicated Support

If you need help, Passenger Enterprise provides dedicated engineering support. Take advantage of our vast documentation or ask a question on our Stack Overflow community.

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Ruby, Node.JS, Meteor, Python

Supported Tech

Passenger currently runs Ruby, Python, Node.js, and Meteor apps, which includes popular frameworks such as Rails 5, Sinatra, Express.js, Socket.io, Django, and Flask. We integrate with Docker, AWS, Heroku, and Azure. We have RubyGem, APT, and YUM packages, as well as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible recipes.

Read more about container and cloud integration, as well as security integrations and more on our Supported Tech page.

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