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About Phusion Passenger®

A web server and application server for your web apps. Keeps your users happy, saves your business time and money.

Fast & scalable

Blazing fast and keeps up with your growing demands so you can serve millions of users or customers.

Easy setup

Get started in only 10 minutes without complicated setups. If you run into issues, we have your back.

Stable & reliable

Battle-tested and already serving over 350 000 websites. It's technology that you can count on.

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Why use Phusion Passenger

Phusion Passenger provides many advantages over Puma, Unicorn and Torquebox, and is much faster.


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Phusion Passenger simplifies Node.js deployment and administration, and helps you solve problems.

4 minute intro video, DotJS conference Paris

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Handle more traffic

Phusion Passenger is up to 4x faster than other Ruby app servers, allowing you to handle more traffic with the same hardware.

Phusion Passenger helps accelerating your Node.js app, by taking advantage of all your CPU cores and through caching, allowing you to handle more traffic with the same hardware.

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Reduce maintenance

Automates more system tasks than other app servers. Spend less time micromanaging software, and more time building your business.

Automates many system tasks, and integrates the functionality of Forever, PM2, Nginx, Upstart and more into a central entity. Spend less time micromanaging software, and more time building your business.

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Identify & fix problems quickly

Why is your app behaving the way it does? What is it doing? Phusion Passenger provides tools that give you the insights you need.

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Keep bugs & issues in check

Limit the impact of bugs and issues, making downtime and user dissatisfaction less likely. Reduce pressure on developers while the root problem is being fixed.

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Excellent support

We have excellent documentation and a vibrant community discussion forum. And with our professional and enterprise support contracts, you can consult our team of experts directly.

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Improve security

Provides extra layers of defense, reduces attack surfaces on applications and limits the impact of security vulnerabilities.

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Migrate quickly and easily. Phusion Passenger is a drop-in replacement for Puma and Unicorn.
The setup is very simple and straightforward!

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Join thousands of businesses

Over 350 000 websites rely on Phusion Passenger, including these businesses.


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What users and customers have to say

Nedap Healthcare

3 minutes

Nedap is a publicly traded tech company with reported annual revenues of over $100MM. With activities branching into healthcare, it is important for their systems to be available at all times. In this case study, we visit Nedap Healthcare and learn how Phusion Passenger has contributed to their way of doing business care-free for the past 4 years.

Game of Thrones Ascent

4 minutes

Disruptor Beam is a mobile/social game publisher focused on creating immersive, story-driven experiences set in worlds that people love. The company's lead product is Game of Thrones Ascent, based on the hit book series by George R.R. Martin and now the top HBO series. They use Phusion Passenger Enterprise to serve millions of views per day.


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