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Passenger Enterprise

Minimize risk, gain operational security, and save engineering time and effort with Passenger Enterprise.

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Passenger provides some very important Enterprise class features that help us support the very large user base that we have.

- Max Berenson, CTO at Disruptor Beam

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Premium Features

In business environments, downtime and slow response times can decrease revenue and customer satisfaction. To avoid these pitfalls, we designed Passenger Enterprise to minimize downtime and prevent crashed apps from impacting server performance while maximizing your team’s productivity.

The following features are exclusive to Passenger Enterprise:

Professional Support Benefits

Let us focus on your app server while you focus on your company’s growth and operations! Whether you’re looking for proactive help or facing an issue head-on, a Phusion engineer with application deployment expertise will help you prevent and resolve disruptions and optimize your infrastructure.

Straight from the source

Phusion's engineers know Passenger inside and out and can quickly and effectively zero in on app server issues.

Confidential conversations

Avoid posting details of your internal operations on public forums by communicating with our support team directly through private channels.

Guaranteed response times

Eliminate time spent browsing through forums and self-help sites and get quick, reliable support from our experts.

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Passenger Enterprise customers can file support tickets and receive responses from the Phusion team. If you need 24/7 support or guaranteed response times, we offer a variety of premium support plans.

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Is Enterprise the Right Choice For Me?

Passenger Enterprise is a good fit for your company if one or more of the following are true:

  • You provide a product or service for which downtime or slow response time results in significant lost revenue
  • Your company can’t afford to lose engineering productivity and you need DevOps to be as streamlined as possible
  • You work in an industry where IT security and stability are highly regulated, such as healthcare or finance
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If you’re a smaller team and reducing up-front costs is your biggest priority, Passenger Open Source may be your best option!

If you’re still not sure, contact us and we can help you pick the option that’s best for you.

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