Passenger Enterprise

Passenger Enterprise is built on top of our widely used open source application server, enhanced with business-oriented premium features and world-class professional support.

Businesses choose Passenger Enterprise to benefit from all the advantages of Passenger, gain extra operational confidence and save engineering time and effort.

Premium Features

In business environments, downtime caused by application updates or human error can result in loss of revenue and reduced customer satisfaction. The premium features of Passenger Enterprise are designed to minimize or eliminate downtime. They enable your engineers to seamlessly update applications, manage processes and get the most out of your server resources.

Passenger Enterprise has the following features that are not present in the open source edition:

Rolling restarts

Redeploy your application without downtime or large memory overhead, reducing cost and minimizing customer impact.

Concurrency & multithreading ruby

Optimize your applications use of CPU power and memory to get the best value out of your hardware.

Deployment error resistance

Automatically cancel deployment when errors are detected, minimizing customer impact.

Mass deployment

Easily manage hundreds of applications with a single command, greatly saving operational costs.

Live IRB & debugger ruby

Allow your engineers to connect to your live application without causing a performance hit impacting performance, and quickly solve production issues.

Resource control and limiting

Passenger will curb application resource use to ensure stability and reduce operational costs.

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Professional Support

A dedicated engineer with application deployment expertise is ready to help you prevent and solve disruptions, optimize your infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Open Source

  • Community support
  • Availability based
  • Public forums


  • Dedicated support
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Private email or phone

Support that goes the distance

Passenger engineers with experience across the entire application development stack will help you achieve your business goals.

Close to the source

Get support directly from the creators of Passenger. Our engineers can quickly and effectively zero-in on issues.

Confidential and trusted

Avoid posting details of your internal operations on public forums and communicate with our support directly over private channels.

Guaranteed response times

Your engineers can skip time costly browsing through forums and self-help sites and get support quickly and reliably from our experts.

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Premium Feature Details

Rolling restarts

Restarting a production environment can take a long time and visitors will experience slow responses. Passenger Enterprise restarts your application without causing any delays for visitors. It achieves this by starting new application processes in the background, replacing each existing application process one-by-one as it goes.

The rolling restart functionality of Passenger Enterprise is fully automatic and does not require any administrator setup or intervention. Where some application servers may use up to twice as much memory while restarting, Passenger Enterprise avoids double memory usage by restarting processes one-by-one.

Concurrency and multithreading ruby

Passenger Enterprise is designed from the ground up for speed and concurrency. Multithreading not only drastically reduces the amount of memory required to run applications, but it is also essential for applications that block on I/O, such as real-time applications or applications that perform HTTP API calls.

Applications that run on Passenger Enterprise gain full multithreading capabilities. Passenger Enterprise uses a hybrid multiprocessed, multithreaded and evented concurrency model. This architecture enables configuration for optimal use of CPU and memory resources.

Deployment error resistance

In the event that an updated application fails to start due to a configuration or application error Passenger Enterprise offers deployment resistance. Passenger Enterprise will report the error to the logging system and freeze the process list. This means it will neither start any new processes, nor shut down any existing processes until the administrator has signaled that the problem has been solved. This ensures that the web application stays up and running as long as possible.

Mass deployment

This feature is most useful to operations that cover many applications on a single host. Simply configure Passenger Enterprise to automatically deploy all applications in a single directory. Each application will be assigned its own virtual host, where the hostname is the same as the application directory name. Whenever you add or remove an application from the configured directory Passenger Enterprise will automatically pick that change up and spawn or stop the application accordingly.

Resource control and limiting

Applications do not always behave correctly, whether it is because of a bug in the web application or a problem in an external system such as the database. Passenger Enterprise provides the ability to limit various aspects of application process resource usage.

  • Request time

    Passenger Enterprise can enforce a maximum time limit on a request. If the process is not done sending its response after that time, it is forcefully shut down with SIGKILL. This time limit can be configured on a per-request basis.

  • Memory usage

    Passenger Enterprise can enforce a maximum per-process non-shared memory usage. Memory usage limiting is graceful. This means that Passenger shuts down the process after it is done with all current requests so visitors do not get to see any errors.

  • Per-application max process counts

    You can configure the maximum number of application processes that may be spawned by a specific application for each application. This way you can ensure that less important applications will not spawn too many processes and starve resources for more important applications.

Live IRB or Ruby debugger console ruby

Passenger Enterprise enables engineers to attach an IRB or ruby debug console to any live, running application process without causing a performance hit. With the IRB console the engineer can inspect and modify the application state using Ruby code. The ruby-debug console offers advanced step-through debugging features for hunting down elusive issues.

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