We have done our best to make Passenger user-friendly, but it is still possible for users to get stuck or to need help. So before we conclude this tutorial, we will teach you how to get help.

The --help option

Although this Library is a good source of information on using Passenger, you do not have to consult this Library for everything. Passenger is self-documenting: every Passenger command supports the --help option, which will provide you with basic information about the command, its behavior and its syntax.

Here is an example of passenger --help:

$ passenger --help
Phusion Passenger Standalone, the easiest way to run web apps.

Available commands:

  passenger start      Start Phusion Passenger Standalone.
  passenger stop       Stop a Phusion Passenger instance.
  passenger status     Show the status of a running Phusion Passenger instance.

Run 'passenger <COMMAND> --help' for more information about each command.

Many Passenger commands support subcommands. These subcommands, too, support --help. The above output already suggested that you can run passenger start --help:

$ passenger start --help
Usage: passenger start [DIRECTORY] [OPTIONS]
Starts Passenger Standalone and serve one or more web applications.

Server options:
    -a, --address HOST               Bind to the given address.
    -p, --port NUMBER                Use the given port number. Default: 3000

So if you want to know what a command does and whether its behavior can be modified, please do not hestitate to pass --help.

Where to get support

If you are stuck with a problem, please do not hesitate to contact one of the support resources. Passenger has a friendly community of users who look out for each other. We – Passenger's authors – are also ready to help you whenever we can.

Troubleshooting guide
Please check our troubleshooting guide, which not only teaches you how to analyze problems, but also lists solutions for common problems.
Stack Overflow
Post a question on Stack Overflow if you are experiencing problems. Support on Stack Overflow is provided by the community, and our own developers also watch Stack Overflow on a regular basis. But support here is provided on a best-effort basis, so sometimes a bit of patience will help. Be sure to use the "passenger" tag.
Github issue tracker
If you are experiencing a problem that you believe is a bug, please report it here.
Security vulnerabilities email address
Please report security vulnerabilities to We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as we can, so please do not disclose the vulnerability until then.
Priority support for Enterprise customers
If you are a Passenger Enterprise customer, then you are eligible for basic priority support. Please submit your support ticket via the interface in the customer area.

For most customers, this basic priority support has a response time of 3 working days, with a maximum of 1 support incident per month. Please consult your contract for the exact support level that you are eligible for.

Premium support contracts
We also provide premium support contracts for those who desire higher support levels, for example 24x7 phone support with a response time of 1 hour.


Getting help on Passenger is easy. Quick documentation is available through the --help command line option. And when you are stuck, we have plenty of support resources such as the community discussion forum.

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