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Premium support

Need expert advice on Phusion Passenger from the creators themselves? We provide premium support contracts with guaranteed response times that. This type of support is more extensive than the standard support provided by Enterprise licenses, and is ideal for companies running business critical applications on Phusion Passenger and allows us to act as a safety net in case of incidents.

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Comprehensive end-to-end tutorials, guides and in-depth information. Covers installation, troubleshooting, administration and more.


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The big picture

Stack Overflow Ruby, Rails, Apache, Nginx, Capistrano, RVM, Bundler, Thin, Unicorn, HAProxy, Chef. Confused? What are all these components, how are they related, and how does Passenger fit into the picture?

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Contributors and developers

Fork us on Github Interested in contributing to Phusion Passenger? You can contribute in more ways than just writing code!