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Latest stable version: 5.2.0

Open Source

Free and community supported

Why use Passenger?

  • Ruby, Node.js, Python, Meteor apps
  • Always up & running
  • Maximum security
  • Reduced maintenance


Powerful and perfect for businesses and enterprises

Extra benefits include:

  • Premium features and tooling
  • Dedicated support from our engineers
  • Long term continuity with our license
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"Passenger provides some very important Enterprise class features that help us support the very large user base that we have."

Max Berenson, CTO at Disruptorbeam

How long does it take to get Passenger set-up?

It takes about 5 min to setup Passenger with your app. Additional time might be needed for production environment tools not related to Passenger, such as programming language runtime, firewall, etc.

What counts as a server?

If you use virtualization, then a server is a virtual machine. Otherwise, a server is a physical machine. In other words, we count the number of OS instances that Phusion Passenger runs on.

How often are new features released?

We constantly work on improving Passenger, this work generally results in multiple releases per quarter.

How can I upgrade my licenses?

You can upgrade your license count by logging in to the customer area or send an email to and request for an upgrade.

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