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Supported operating systems and languages

This page documents the operating systems, architectures, programming languages and frameworks that Passenger supports as of version 6.0.19.

Supported operating systems

Passenger works on almost any POSIX-compliant operating system. In other words: practically any operating system on earth, except Microsoft Windows.

The following operating systems are supported.

OS Minimum version
Ubuntu 20.04
Debian 10
Enterprise Linux 7
macOS 12 Monterey
Other Unix Amazon Linux

Best effort

"Other Unix" is supported on a "best-effort" basis. We do not regularly check whether Passenger still works on other Unices, but if users report issues then we'll try to address them.

Supported architectures

The following architectures are supported.

Architecture Notes
x86_64 (64-bit Intel/AMD) -
AArch64 (64-bit ARM) Arm packages are not available for EL7 RPM based distros at the moment.
Other Supported on a "best-effort" basis.

Supported languages and frameworks

Language/framework Minimum version
Ruby (MRI) 1.8.7
JRuby 1.7.0
Rubinius 2.2.0
Ruby on Rails 2.3
Python 2.6
Node.js 0.10
Meteor 1.0

Run into any problems?

If you have trouble with running Passenger together with an operating system, architecture or language/framework that we support, please report a bug, join our discussion forum or consult one of the support resources.

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