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Battle-hardened by some of the most demanding web apps for over a decade, Passenger® is considered one of the most performant, secure and mature app servers currently available.

User Friendly

Passenger comes with a vast number of powerful features to suit any web app’s needs. This might seem daunting at first, but don’t worry: we've made sure Passenger remains incredibly easy to set up and use.

Installation & Integration

One command: that’s all it takes to run our automated installer! Passenger’s installation process includes either automatic NGINX or automatic Apache integration to reduce work and moving parts on your end. Passenger also plays nicely with other tech that is commonly found in today’s server stacks, like Docker.
Rubygem, APT and YUM packages
Recipes Created with Sketch. Puppet, Chef and Ansible recipes
Docker integration & more


That’s right, no more fiddling around with multiple app servers and proxies for your apps! Passenger takes care of this from a single instance and provides you with a unified experience for all your polyglot needs. This should greatly reduce the maintenance overhead of your server infrastructure.


Incomplete or inaccurate documentation is often the root cause for lost productivity and frustration among developers. We believe software is only as good as its audience is able to understand and use it. It is for this very reason that we spent a lot of time crafting the very best documentation to accompany the myriad of features Passenger possesses. This allows you to fully tune and tweak your Passenger setup to any custom need with ease.


Passenger was built with stability and reliability in mind, so chances are you’ll never need support. Should you ever run into an error however, you’ll be in good hands. Passenger’s world class support team have helped Fortune500’s succeed in deploying and scaling their most demanding applications for over 10 years now and look forward to helping you succeed.
24x7 Phone Support Options Available
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Training & Consultancy Options Available
Free Community Support Forums

Fast, Efficient & Scalable

Passenger utilizes C++ to leverage the bare metal of your servers as much as possible for maximum efficiency and performance. Passenger also supports evented I/O for maximum scalability.


Passenger leverages your CPU’s hardware cache to serve up pages at up to 100x higher rates than competing solutions. Unlike alternative solutions, this built-in feature can be enabled with a single line config.
Requests Turbocaching leverages your CPU’s ultrafast L1 and L2 caches to store & access data on. This minimizes the need for the CPU to do data fetch cycles to RAM, and can result in 100x more requests p/sec.

Zero Copy architecture

Passenger utilizes Vectored IO (a.k.a. scatter/gather IO) internally to prevent the copying of buffer data needlessly during concatenation. This means that Passenger is extremely memory-efficient and minimizes the amount of system calls to achieve maximum CPU efficiency!
Zero copy

Maximum Scalability

Passenger supports evented I/O and multiple concurrency models to ensure that requests are handled both rapidly and efficiently from a single Passenger instance.

Reliable & Secure

Passenger was designed with security and stability in mind. This kind of attention to detail allows you to use Passenger to power even the most business critical apps with confidence.


Passenger quietly restarts applications that crash, hang, or leak memory. Application updates don't interrupt the service, and error resistance stops flawed updates.


Passenger defends against slow client attacks and common HTTP parser exploits, and uses privilege separation to keep intruders contained.


Passenger experiences fewer dropped or errored requests than other app servers, and can limit application memory use and response times.


Root out issues like stuck apps or memory leaks with request inspection, backtrace dumps, and accurate CPU and memory stats.

Easy debugging

Inspect or modify code on the fly by attaching a live IRB console, Ruby debugger, or low-level GDB to your running app.

Generic Language Support

The new standard in DevOps, Passenger® 6 is infrastructure independent.

Comparison Table

Passenger is currently one of the most feature rich app servers available. Here's how it compares to others. But why not also experience it for yourself? get started in 10 minutes
Passenger enterprise
Passenger open source
Multi-CPU-Core Utilization
Fair Traffic Distribution
Copy-On-Write Preloading
Request Buffering
WebSocket-compatible Response Buffering
Basic Documentation and Config Reference
In-Depth Documentation (End-To-End Tutorials, Use Cases, Related Tools)
Deep Web Server Integration
Process Autoscaling
Multitenant (n apps, 1 instance)
Generic Language Support
Automatic Privilege Separation
OS Packages (APT, RPM)
CPU / Memory / Process Stats
Memory-efficient Zero-downtime
Rolling Restarts
Error Detection
Live Debugging
Mass Deployment
Downtime Prevention
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