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Competitive Differentiators

What makes Passenger® stand out from Puma, Unicorn, and other
app servers? Here are a few things we’re especially proud of:

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Ease of Use

  • Simple configuration

    Simultaneously run and manage all your Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Meteor apps, as well as APIs and microservices, on a single Passenger instance.

  • Consolidated overviews

    Simplify your DevOps logistics by managing and monitoring multiple apps at once.

  • NGINX and Apache integration

    Passenger’s installation process includes either NGINX or Apache installation to reduce work and moving parts on your end.

  • Supported technologies

    We have RubyGem, APT and YUM packages; Puppet, Chef, and Ansible recipes; Docker integration; and more.

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Reduced Overhead

Streamlined logistics

Passenger integrates your app’s web server, process management, and caching so there are fewer moving parts for you or your DevOps team to manage.

Silent watchdog

Passenger quietly restarts applications that crash, hang, or leak memory. Application updates don't interrupt service, and error resistance stops flawed updates.

Cost-efficient operations

Passenger uses your hardware resources as efficiently as possible so you aren’t throwing away time and money on inefficiencies or under-utilization.

Maximum Stability and Security

Strong defense

Passenger defends against slow client attacks and common HTTP parser exploits, and uses privilege separation to prevent intruders from moving through your apps.

Deep analysis

Root out issues like stuck apps or memory leaks with request inspection, backtrace dumps, and accurate CPU and memory stats.

Resiliency under load

Passenger experiences fewer dropped or errored requests than other app servers, and limits memory, request time, and the number of requests.

Live debugging

Inspect or modify code with a live IRB console, Ruby debugger, or low-level GDB.

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Thorough Support

  • Passenger forum

    Search for answers or ask questions in our community forum if any errors come up while installing or running Passenger — a great resource for open source users.

  • Human support

    Passenger is the only Ruby app server with a team of engineers ready to provide real-time support via phone, email, or Skype.

  • Vast documentation

    Find how-to’s, installation guides, beginners’ tutorials, and more in our thorough documentation set.

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Passenger Feature Set

Listing every feature of Passenger would be overkill, but we’ve compiled the most important features available in our open source and enterprise versions. See what we have to offer, and discover the full feature set by trying it out for yourself!

Open SourceEnterprise
Concurrency Checkmark red Checkmark red
Multi-Threading Checkmark red
Turbo-caching Checkmark red Checkmark red
Request Buffering Checkmark red Checkmark red
Autoscaling Checkmark red Checkmark red
Rolling Restarts Checkmark red
Dynamic Resource Allocation Checkmark red
Error Detection Checkmark red
Live Debugging Checkmark red
Multiple apps, one instance Checkmark red Checkmark red
Mass Deployment Checkmark red
Downtime Prevention Checkmark red
Multiple Language Support Checkmark red Checkmark red
Single Command Start Checkmark red Checkmark red
Tutorials Checkmark red Checkmark red
CPU/Memory Stats Checkmark red Checkmark red

Learn more about Passenger Enterprise here.

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