Deploying a Ruby app on a Cloud 66 production server
with Passenger Enterprise in Standalone mode

Install license key

Before you can use Passenger Enterprise, you need to download your license key. Please login to the Passenger Enterprise Customer Area.

Customer Area login screen

Click on the button to download the license key.

License key download button in the Customer Area

The license key will be downloaded to your local computer. Transfer the file to the hidden .cloud66 folder in the root of your repository:

mv /project-directory/
mkdir .cloud66 # If it doesn't already exist
mv /path-to/passenger-enterprise-license .cloud66
git add -A
git commit -m "Added passenger-enterprise-license"
git push origin master

Obtain download token

You also need to obtain your download token, which you need for installing the Passenger Enterprise gem. In the Customer Area, find your download token and copy it to your clipboard.

Exhibit of the download token in the Customer Area

Create a PASSENGER_ENTERPRISE_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN environment variable which contains the value of your Passenger Enterprise download token.

If both these conditions are met, Cloud 66 will use the enterprise version of Passenger when you follow the instructions below.

Make sure that Passenger Enterprise is displayed in the About your app section of your analysis before deploying.

Deploying your app with Passenger

Unless specified otherwise, Cloud 66 automatically installs Passenger with NGINX for any classic stack!

Cloud 66 front page

Simply provide your git repository URL and let Cloud 66 take care of the rest.

Enter your git repo

Next step

Congratulations, you have now deployed your app with Passenger to Cloud 66!

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