Installing Passenger is easy. During development, you use Bundler to install Passenger.

Open your application's Gemfile and add "passenger":

gem "passenger", ">= 5.0.25", require: "phusion_passenger/rack_handler"

Now open a terminal, go to your application's directory and run bundle install to install your gem bundle:

$ cd /path-to-your-app
$ bundle install
Installing passenger x.x.x
Your bundle is complete!

You can verify that it works by querying Passenger's version number:

$ bundle exec passenger --version
Phusion Passenger version X.X.X

"Phusion Passenger" is a trademark of Hongli Lai & Ninh Bui.
Installation in production is different, but we'll cover that later in the deployment tutorial.

Next step

Installing Passenger in development is as easy as adding it to your Gemfile.

Next, we will consider the passenger command, which is responsible for starting and stopping Passenger in its Standalone mode.

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