Phusion Passenger Enterprise

Latest stable version: 5.0.30

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Enterprise: Pro

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per server
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All open source features
Community support
Regular updates
Enterprise features
Priority support
Money-back guarantee
Negotiable extras

We support startup, students,
educational institutions and non-profits

We have been a bootstrapping startup ourselves and we know how difficult it can be.
We therefore offer startups a discount in order to help their business grow. We also
want to support students, educational institutions and non-profits. Request a discount »

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What happens if I cancel my license?

Your license will be valid until the end of the subscription period. Once the next period arrives, you will no longer be billed, and you will no longer receive software updates. We do not return any funds or give out credits.

What counts as a server?

If you use virtualization, then a server is a virtual machine. Otherwise, a server is a physical machine. In other words, we count the number of OS instances that Phusion Passenger Enterprise runs on.

Priority support

Covers 1 incident per month, with a max response time of 3 working days. Support is handled by email. The scope limited to Phusion Passenger Enterprise itself, not the application or the infrastructure. More extensive support contracts are available separately.

No copy protection

We are principally against copy protection. It makes life inconvenient for customers by punishing legit users and does not stop illegitimate ones. We care about our users so we've chosen not to implement copy protection of any kind. Our license keys are for customer identification and support; the software does not phone home.

We trust you, so please don't abuse this fact and pirate our software. By buying Passenger Enterprise Edition you are directly contributing to the development of the open source version.

Money-back guarantee

If you're not satisfied with Phusion Passenger Enterprise, we'll either fix it for you, or you can get your money back. Full details can be found in the license which you will find on the checkout page.

Need support with guaranteed response times?

We provide commercial incidental support for Phusion Passenger with guaranteed response times through our SLA offerings.

Phusion Passenger open source

Latest stable version: 5.0.30

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