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Data reporting mechanism

Passenger Enterprise contains a mechanism that reports billing and analytical data to the Phusion licensing servers. Phusion uses this data to provide the best possible service and/or to determine accurate billing data.

Analytical data may include:

  • server memory usage,
  • memory usage of various processes,
  • the time (that would be necessary) to process a browser request,
  • the URL of the request,
  • database queries, and execution time,
  • application specific errors.

On the pay-as-you-go subscription plan it is not allowed to disable the reporting mechanism as it is relied on to report accurate usage data to determine the fee to be charged at the end of the period. If there is a block on the user’s side that prevents the transfer of usage data, the right to use Passenger Enterprise will immediately expire. In the case of a block on the user’s side the user should do everything they can to eliminate it and make sure data is able to be reported properly.

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