Technical advantages we're proud of

Nginx / Apache integration

Advanced Security

Running Passenger protects your application with a battle-hardened web frontend, privilege isolation and buffering against slow clients.

Optimal performance

Tight integration of the Passenger modules allows high speed / low overhead cooperation with the web server.

Administration made easy

Configuration and logging are integrated with the web server so you don’t have to manage different files and locations.

Starts and stops with webserver

By default, the Passenger process lifecycle is tied to the web server so you don't have to worry about out-of-sync processes.

Blazing fast & efficient

Multithreading & concurrency

Drastically reduce application memory requirements and avoid I/O blocks with Passenger’s concurrency model.

High performance core

Passenger has an innovative, highly optimized HTTP engine with turbocaching and real-time buffering.


Automatically scale application processes according to demand to save CPU and memory.

Zero-downtime rolling restarts

Deploy app updates without downtime

Application updates are applied in the background without users experiencing slowness or errors.

Updates do not overload server

The update algorithm doesn't push CPU and memory use so your server keeps performing predictably.

Protection against flawed updates

Updates that fail to start are aborted and prevented from causing any downtime.

Multiple apps with one server

Simple configuration

Simultaneously run and manage all your Ruby, Node.js, Python, and Meteor apps on a single Passenger instance with minimal configuration work.

Dynamic resource allocation

Server resources are spent where they are needed the most, according to the current load.

Consolidated overviews

Easily manage and monitor multiple apps at once with consolidated overviews.

First in class Developer tools

Zero configuration

Deploy newly created applications without any configuration work with Passenger's mass deployment mode.

Proactive issue detection

Quickly detect issues with developer-friendly error pages, detailed logging and proactive tips from Passenger.

Deep analysis

Figure out most issues like stuck apps or memory leaks with request inspection, backtrace dumps, accurate CPU / memory stats.

Live debugging

Attach to a running app and inspect or modify code with a live IRB console, Ruby debugger, or low-level GDB.

Smart & simple administration

Easy installation

We have APT and YUM packages, Puppet / Chef / Ansible recipes and Docker integration to match your needs.

Single command start

Just run "passenger start" to autodetect and launch your apps with production-ready defaults.

Deep insight

Get human- or machine-readable stats about CPU / memory / swap use, connections & requests, hypervisor interference, and more.

Full control

The many well-documented options like app resource limiting enable you to have Passenger do exactly what you want.

Awesome documentation & support

World-class documentation library

With tutorials, reference documentation, and in-depth articles, the Passenger Library covers your first steps as well as advanced use-cases.

Access to Passenger engineers

Get assistance directly from the Passenger team via email, instant messaging, phone, and screen sharing.

Product training options

Get more out of Passenger with online or on-site sessions about Passenger installation, use, and administration.

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