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Passenger is an application server that allows you to securely operate web apps, microservices & APIs with outstanding reliability, performance and control. By acting as a process manager, reverse proxy and by providing operations tools, Passenger enables you to quickly launch and easily maintain RubyNode.jsPython and Meteor apps.

Always up & running

Passenger protects the server and works hard to keep business running smoothly.

It can quietly restart applications that crash, hang, or leak memory. Application updates don't interrupt the service and error-resistance stops flawed updates from rolling through.

Maximum Security

Passenger integrates with state-of-the-art, battle-hardened web servers.

It defends the service against various types of attacks and features privilege separation to keep any intruders boxed in.

Reduced Maintenance

Passenger brings together important functionalities.

With integrated webserving, process management, and caching, there are fewer moving parts to manage. What remains is managed centrally with extensive troubleshooting options.

Cost-efficient Operation

Passenger uses your hardware resources as efficiently as possible, so you don't waste time and money on inefficiently- or under- used resources.

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Hear it from our customers

Passenger is a rock stable app server we use to run our Rails applications. It’s easy to configure and deploy and the ops overhead is almost non-existent. The fact that it can also run Node apps is icing on the cake.

Jason Bosco, VP Engineering at Dollar Shave Club

Passenger stands out against the competitors through reliability and maturity. Passenger’s ability to shepherd our application processes and act as a watchdog against incorrect operation of the underlying application is tremendously valuable to us.

Jack Newton, CEO at Clio

When you're trying to run a Ruby on Rails application you should use Passenger. We have been running it for years handling billions of requests so just take a look at it, it's awesome.

Olaf van Zandwijk, Nedap

Supporting your success

Dedicated Support & Services

Benefit from 24x7 support with a dedicated agent. Get full-stack consultancy with special attention to optimal use of assets and maximization of uptime. Receive critical security notices to quickly get ahead.

Long term continuity

You’ll get guaranteed availability of Passenger through our license continuity agreement. Long term access to legacy versions enables matching the upgrade timelines of your business.

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